• Thalassemia DaySeminar and walk by HTCO for Thalassemic childs in Dera Bugti.
  • World Blood Donor Day14 june is marked as World Blood Donor Day (WBDD) by World Health Organization. In this regard, HTCO arranges an awareness about safe blood donation and motivating voluntary blood donation.
  • World Heptitis DayA day to raise voice about the "silent killer" Hepatitis..
  • HTCOA passion to serve humanity
  • Well come to HTCO Dera BugtiHTCO: The first non-profit and self-helped organization, working for thallassemia and Hepatitis infected people of Dera Bugti.
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We are living in the age of competitive sciences & technology and global village. There are a lot of Questions for our future.

The Hepatitis & Thalassemia Care Organization (HTCO) is a self-helped society, organized by educated and professional group of people as well as other HBV/ HCV and Thalassemia affected (directly or indirectly) individuals their parents and well-wishers to address the lack of education, support, and services available at that time for the affected individual and whole population. HTCO's mission is to provide information, support, and sponsorship to whole community, affected by HBV/HCV and Thalassemia in Dera Bugti District Balochistan.

We are playing a vital role for health education and support in the Dera Bugti area and operate on recommendation of His voluntarily professional medical team of doctors and paramedical staff.

Our Goal is to make a platform to donate free blood as well as collecting charity fund raising campaigns to help the Thalassemia needy patients in Sui and other areas of Dera Bugti District who cannot afford the treatment of such diseases.

Motivating VNRBDs and Promoting Safe Blood Transfusion

The Safe blood transfusion can be life-saving and have no risks. Infections have become extremely rare with careful testing and donor screening.

As HTCO has neither a Blood Bank nor any facility for the any process of "Blood transfusion".

HTCO is only motivating the community to serve the humanity by giving Voluntary Non- remunerated Blood Donation (VNRBD) to the patients of Thalassemia as well as for medical emergency case; furthermore HTCO is working like a bridge between VNRBDs and the patients who need blood donations.

HTCO also will guide both VNRBDs and patients or their parent, relatives or guardians to give or get blood transfusion in safe way.

For Safe Blood Transfusion please visit the below sites.